Welcome to Brown People Don’t Read? Website!

This site is intended to let readers, audience, writers, and anybody else find more information on the reading series, our theme, or about the writers that have read with us.

Our reading series strives to be inclusive and mindful of writers of color in the US (in their many flavors, abilities, and orientations) and answer the question of the title with a, “Hell yeah, we do” and that we even write.   So, you, yeah you, please come and hear us, click on links, and read what we are stuffing in at the edges of the publication world. We love these stories and know you will as well.

We have read at Litcrawl every year since 2011 and at Beastcrawl for the last few years.  Our own reading series has been happening since 2008.


Sunday Stories (the writing group putting this together. Yes, we meet on Sunday.)